Containers - Docker, OpenShift

What is OpenShift?
Based on Docker and Kubernetes, OpenShift by Red Hat is the next generation PaaS for developing, deploying and running containerized applications conveniently and at scale. OpenShift comes in a variety of flavors:

OpenShift Online - A multi-tenant, cloud-based container platform, managed by Red Hat.

OpenShift Dedicated - A single-tenant, cloud-based container platform, managed by Red Hat.

OpenShift Container Platform (formerly OpenShift Enterprise) - The OpenShift container platform software for customers to deploy and manage on their own in an infrastructure of their choice.

OpenShift Origin is the upstream community project that powers all OpenShift offerings.

Gain visibility into your OpenShift application container platform
OpenShift by Red Hat is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that loads and drives applications at scale. OpenShift container cluster management—powered by Docker and Kubernetes—provides complete application lifecycle management functionality and DevOps tooling. Out of the box, Dynatrace provides full monitoring insights into the hosts and applications you deploy with OpenShift, including:

- Automatic detection of dependencies between containerized applications
- Root cause analysis and the ability to replay problems to see how they evolved over time
- Application availability and performance monitoring
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